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Portrayed by Daren Kagasoff

Ricky Underwood (Daren Kagasoff) is the school bad boy and the teenage father of John Juergens.  He grew up with foster parent and social worker Margaret and her husband Sanjay because his parents Nora and Bob Underwood were drugs addicts. 


Ricky was also sexually abused by his father before he was placed in foster home which lead to him becoming promiscuous.  He had a one night stand with Amy Juergens at band camp which lead to the conception of their child John Juergens.  Ricky previous dated Grace Bowman and had a relationship with Adrian Lee but is currently involved in a committed relationship with the mother of his child Amy Juergens. 



Ricky at first preferred to stay away from Amy believe he wasn't responsible enough to be a father.  He later came around wanting to be part of his child life and offered to provide for his baby after getting a job at the butcher shop. 


Ricky got his own apartment on top of the butcher shop so he could spend time with John but become frustrated with Amy refusing to allow him to take more responsibility when it came to their son.  He went to an arbitrator who ruled Ricky could have John on the weekends.


Relationship with Grace Bowman

Ricky had a relationship with Grace Bowman during his sophomore year by becoming her friend and began dating her after one of his break up with Adrian.  They went out on a few date but Ricky broke up with Grace after his father arrived in town.  Grace was hopeful of getting back together with Ricky until she learned he was sleeping with Adrian.  Ricky later apologised to Grace and agreed to stay friends. 


Relationship with Adrian Lee

Ricky began a casual relationship with Adrian Lee during his sophomore.  They tried to have more committed relationship but ended up cheating on each other.  After learning Adrian slept with Ben because she suspected he was cheating on her Ricky broke up with Adrian believe they never loved each other. 


When Amy broke up with Ben after discovering Adrian pregnancy Ricky begin to consider what his relationship with Amy would have been like if Ben was never in the picture.  Ricky and Amy began to talk and agreed to have a committed relationship. 

Main Cast

Adrian Lee

Alice Valko

Amy Juergens

Anne Juergens

Ashley Juergens

Ben Boykewich



Cindy Lee


George Juergens

Grace Bowmen



Henry Miller

Jack Pappas

Jason Treacy

Jeff Zegay


Joe Hampton

John Juergens

Kathleen Bowman

Ken Fields

Lauren Treacy

Leo Boykewich

Madison Cooperstein

Marcelino Molina

Margaret Shakur

Marshall Bowman

Nora Underwood

Ricky Underwood

Robie Juergens

Ruben Enriquez


Tom Bowman