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Portrayed by Camille Winbush

Lauren Treacy (Camille Winbush) is the best friend of Amy Juergens and Madison Cooperstein.  Lauren tends to be the more level headed friend of Amy compared to Madison but tends to hang around more with Madison.  Lauren had a romantic relationship with Jesse but they have recently broken up.   


Lauren is the daughter of Ricky therapist Ken Field and the younger sister of Jason Tracey.  She lives with her mother and step father on the weekdays and spent the weekend with her father. 


When Lauren discovered Amy pregnancy she advised her friend to see her family doctor.  Lauren despite being friends with Amy began to gossip about Amy having sex with Ricky during band camp. 


Lauren got into a competition with Madison about which girl Ricky preferred.  She made out with Ricky while he was trying to get Amy number and was disappointed when he didn't talk to her at school the next day. 


Lauren called her farther who came to confront Ricky at school.  Lauren figured out her father was Ricky therapist and he was molested as a child.  Lauren also accidentally told Amy about Ricky abuse.


Lauren during her sophomore year began dating Jesse.  She wanted to have sex with Jesse but he was reluctant because he didn't want the responsibility of been her first. 

Main Cast

Adrian Lee

Alice Valko

Amy Juergens

Anne Juergens

Ashley Juergens

Ben Boykewich



Cindy Lee


George Juergens

Grace Bowmen



Henry Miller

Jack Pappas

Jason Treacy

Jeff Zegay


Joe Hampton

John Juergens

Kathleen Bowman

Ken Fields

Lauren Treacy

Leo Boykewich

Madison Cooperstein

Marcelino Molina

Margaret Shakur

Marshall Bowman

Nora Underwood

Ricky Underwood

Robie Juergens

Ruben Enriquez


Tom Bowman