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Portrayed by Josie Bissett

Kathleen Bowman (Josie Bissett) is the mother of Grace Bowman and the adoptive mother of Tom Bowman.  She is married to Dr Jeff Zegay.  She was married to George Juergen which ended in a divorce and was married to Marshall Bowman until he died during a plane crash.


Kathleen grew up in a religious home where she was afraid of talking about sex with her mother.  She married George simply to have sex due to her family religious belief.  Kathleen was unhappy with the marriage and ended up cheating on George which led to their divorce. 


Kathleen fell in love with Marshall Bowman.  After getting married they had a daughter Grace Bowman and adopted a second child Tom Bowman.  When Jack cheated on her daughter she was sympathetic to her daughter plea to see Jack but sided with her husband in forbidden her from seeing Jack. 


Kathleen was shocked when she learned Tom was talking to a hooker.  She decided to set him up on a date with Tammy who also suffered from Down syndrome.  Kathleen was heartbroken when her husband Marshall died from a plane crash. 


After the death of her husband Kathleen met Dr Jeff Zegay who brother also died during the plane crash.  After a while they began dating each other and she introduced him to her family.  A few later she married Jeff and he moved into her home. 


When Jack requested if he could stay at her home for his final year Kathleen refused.  After discovering he was secretly living in her guest house with Tom she allowed him to stay not wanting to throw him out on the streets. 


Kathleen became concern Grace would have sex with her new boyfriend Grant at med camp.  She managed to get Grant to promise not to have sex with her daughter at med camp. 

Main Cast

Adrian Lee

Alice Valko

Amy Juergens

Anne Juergens

Ashley Juergens

Ben Boykewich



Cindy Lee


George Juergens

Grace Bowmen



Henry Miller

Jack Pappas

Jason Treacy

Jeff Zegay


Joe Hampton

John Juergens

Kathleen Bowman

Ken Fields

Lauren Treacy

Leo Boykewich

Madison Cooperstein

Marcelino Molina

Margaret Shakur

Marshall Bowman

Nora Underwood

Ricky Underwood

Robie Juergens

Ruben Enriquez


Tom Bowman