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Portrayed by Megan Park

Grace Bowmen (Megan Park) is the school Christian cheerleader and friends of Adrian Lee.  Grace has an on and off relationship with Jack Pappas but is currently dating Grant.  Grace is the only daughter of Kathleen and Marshall Bowman.  Grace has an adopted brother Tom Bowman who lives in the family guest house.  Grace father passed away during her freshman year and her mother remarried Jeff Zegay. 


Relationship with Jack

Grace began dating Jack before she started her freshman year at high school.  When Jack and Grace decided to be exclusive her father offered Grace a promise ring to remind her to wait until she was married to have sex. 


Jack became obsessed about sex especially when Grace admitted she was planning on waiting until she finished college and medical school.  Grace later caught her boyfriend making out with Adrian. 


Grace worried Jack might have done more than kiss but when he denied her claim she agreed to go out with him if he stopped obsessing about sex.  Grace wanted her parent's permission but they refused and forbid her from seeing Jack. 


Ricky the school bad boy offered to pretend to date Grace in front of her parents so she could sneak off and see Jack.  The planned worked until one night Jack left early leaving Grace alone at night.  Grace was attacked by two drunken guys who were scared off by Ricky. 


Grace parents were disappointed and forbid her from seeing Ricky and Jack.  When Jack began complaining about Ricky she broke up with Jack blaming him for cheating on her and leaving her alone at night.  Grace future infuriated when she learned Adrian performed oral on Jack when he cheated on her. 


Relationship with Ricky

Grace was surprised when she learned Amy was pregnant with Ricky baby.  Grace tried to encourage Ricky to take an active role in his baby life.


Adrian came to see Grace when Ricky went over to talk to Amy about their baby.  Adrian and Grace tried to be friends which became difficult when Grace began having feeling for Ricky. 


When Ricky and Adrian broke up Grace asked Adrian permission to date Ricky but she refuse giving Grace an ultimatum either she friend with her or she goes out with Ricky.


Grace went out on a few date with Ricky but he broke up with her after his father showed up in town.  Grace was hopeful of getting back together with Ricky when his father was back in prison until she learned he was still sleeping with Adrian. 


Grace got into a fight with Adrian in the school hallway but the girls began to bond when they found Ricky and Amy hugging.  Grace was disturb when she discover Amy planned on giving up her child for adoption. 


Grace offered Amy a job at the local church day care centre which allowed her to continue her studies and provide day care for her child which allowed Amy to keep her baby. 


Getting back together with Jack

Grace also planned Amy baby shower where she recruited Jack help.  They end up kissing during their preparation and got back together. 


Grace wanted to have sex with Jack which causes conflict with her father who didn't believe in sex before marriage.  Grace had sex with Jack but regretted her decision when she learned her father died on a plane crash. 


Grace began to believe she was responsible for her father death because strayed from her belief of waiting until she was married to have sex.  Grace distance herself from her friends and family until Ricky convinced her to attend her father funeral pointing out she would always regret not attending her father funeral.


Grace and Jack got back together but she admitted she had sex because she was afraid of loosing him.  They agreed not to have sex but when Grace was away at med camp Jack cheated on her again with Madison. 


Grace began to suspect Jack cheated on her but forgave him after her brother injured Jack in the groin.  Grace forced Jack to attend a church meeting where they tried to convince other students not to have sex before marriage.  The students weren't interested and walked off during the meeting. 


Jack admitted he believe they were hav8ng problems because they stop having sex and convinced Grace to consider having sex again.  Grace changed her mind when she discovered her mother was dating a Jewish doctor. 


When Jack tried to pressure her she broke up with him.  Grace was disturbed by how fast her mother was moving on with her life especially when she got married to Jeff. 


Relationship with Ben

Grace began to date Ben.  Grace was annoyed when Adrian slept with Ben when she suspected Amy and Ricky were sleeping together.  Grace also learned Adrian was pregnant with Ben baby. 


Grace tried to continue her relationship with Ben while trying to convince Adrian to keep her baby which causes conflict between the two friends.  Grace reconsidered her relationship with Ben when she realise he would be spending a lot of time with Adrian. 


When Jack parent move to another state he ask Grace Mom if he could stay at their place to complete his final year.  Kathleen refused but Jack secretly moved in the family guest house with Tom. Grace agreed to keep his presence a secret until he was discovered by her mother who agreed to allow him to stay. 


Relationship with Grant

Grace overheard Griffin lecturing Ashley about his cousin Grant been such a nice guy looking for a serious relationship.  She asked to be set up on a date with Grant and arranged a date for Griffin. 


Grace and Grant began to like each other despite him been uncomfortable with Jack living in her guest house.  Grace was surprised to discover Grant attended the same med camp last year and they both plan on becoming doctors. 


Kathleen was worried Grace would have sex with Grant during med camp.  She tried to make Grace to promise not to have sex but she refused.  Kathleen managed to convince Grant to promise not to have sex much to the disappointment of Grace. 


Grace has sex again and later finds out she is pregnant. I know this because this horrifyingly addicting rancid show is utterly predictable... and also because Grace, Amy and Adrian all give the \"sex talk\" P.S.A in-between commercials, since Amy and Adrian have both been knocked up, that now leaves Grace. $50 bucks says I\'m right.

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Kathleen Bowman

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