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Portrayed by Kenny Baumann

Ben Boykewich (Kenny Baumann) is the son of Leo Boykewich.  He was in involved with Amy Juergens but is now in a relationship with the mother of his child Adrian Lee. 


Ben lost his mother at an early age and was raised by his father.  He spent most of his childhood with his friends Henry and Alice.  Ben wanted to have sex in high school with Grace Bowman but after his pointed out she won't have sex until she was married Ben turned his attention to Amy Juergens. 


Ben joined the school band and asked Amy to go out with him to school party.  After their first date Ben admitted he was falling in love with Amy.  After having a picnic date Ben asked Amy to marry him.  He was shocked when she told him about her pregnancy but Ben still wanted to marry her and help raise her baby. 


Ben and Amy got married at the local chapel but the marriage wasn't considered legal since they used false ID cards.  Ben began to fight with Ricky Underwood the father of Amy baby.  At first Ben removed himself from the picture when Amy began meeting with Ricky to talk about having their baby adopted. 


When Ben was convinced by Ashley that Amy was in love with him he tried to get rid of Ricky by pointing out he could offer Amy baby the best off everything because of his money.  The planned backfired when Ben father overheard his son conversation about how he was going to provide for Amy baby. 


Leo forced Ben to work at the butcher shop alongside Ricky Underwood.  After working together Ricky called for a truce so they could convince Amy to keep her baby.   


After Amy gave birth to her son Ben wanted to have sex with her but she refused afraid she would end up pregnant again.  Ben was offered a summer job working at his uncle hotel in Italy where he became involved with a girl named Maria.  Amy and Ben relationship came to an end when Maria came to visit him. 


Ben went out with Grace Bowman but didn't feel the same way about her as he did for Amy.  When he tried to get back with Amy he discovered she kissed Ricky.  Angry Ben ended up sleeping with Adrian which resulted with her getting pregnant. 


Ben managed to get back together with Amy but discovered Adrian was pregnant with his child.  When he finally told Amy she broke up with him and began to show an interest in Ricky. 


Ben while spending time with Adrian wanted to get engaged so they could make Amy and Ricky jealous.  As time went by Adrian and Ben seriously began to consider getting married. 

Main Cast

Adrian Lee

Alice Valko

Amy Juergens

Anne Juergens

Ashley Juergens

Ben Boykewich



Cindy Lee


George Juergens

Grace Bowmen



Henry Miller

Jack Pappas

Jason Treacy

Jeff Zegay


Joe Hampton

John Juergens

Kathleen Bowman

Ken Fields

Lauren Treacy

Leo Boykewich

Madison Cooperstein

Marcelino Molina

Margaret Shakur

Marshall Bowman

Nora Underwood

Ricky Underwood

Robie Juergens

Ruben Enriquez


Tom Bowman