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Portrayed by Molly Ringwald

Anna Juergens (Molly Ringwald) is mother of Amy, Ashley and Robbie Juergens.  She is the ex-wife of George Juergens.  She has taken over running the family furniture store after George wanted to become a stay at home dad. 


Early Life

Anna while majoring in women studies became pregnant with George child.  The couple decided to elope.  They had a daughter Amy Juergens followed a year later with a second daughter Ashley Juergens. 


Anna became resentful towards George after fifteen years of marriage.  When she began to suspect he was cheating on her she threw him out of the house.  She later discovered from her daughter their father had an affair with Cindy Lee and was sleeping at the furniture store. 


Anna allowed George to temporary return home but expected him to move out once he found an apartment.  They had sex again but Anna admitted she didn't want to get back together with George.  George eventually moved in next door along with Ashley. 


Amy pregnancy

Anna was shocked to learn about her daughter Amy pregnancy.  Anna talked to Amy about her option including abortion.  Anna also admitted she didn't plan on looking after Amy baby and expected her to get a job or to give up her child for adoption.  Anna tried to arrange Amy to have her baby adopted but eventually accepted Amy decision to keep her baby.   


Relationship with David

Anna met David while working at the hot dog stand where she was invited for an interview.  Anna became an environmental consultant while working with David began a relationship.   Anna soon discovered she was pregnant and presumed David to be the father. 


David wanting to start a family proposed to Anna and she got her divorced finalised from George.  Anna and David later figured out the child was convinced before they met making George the father.  David wanted to go ahead with the marriage but Anna decided getting married was the right answer. 


Anna after going out with George was able to reconcile their differences and they got back together.  Anna gave birth to their son Robbie Juergens but became frustrated with George when he began to question if he was the father of Anna child.  George later learned Anna never had sex in Chicago with her ex-boyfriend making George the biological father.  George managed to get back with Anna but demanded to get married Anna refused wanted time to sort out her feelings. 


Anna came up with the idea of selling environmentally friendly furniture which George incorporated into his business.  George admitted he took Anna idea and offered her the family business because he wanted to become a stay at home dad. Anna while running the family business and came across evidence George cheated on her again.  George didn't deny the charges and admitted he wanted to get married because he thought it was best for their family.  George and Anna ended their relationship but agreed to remain friends. George became the family carer while Anna ran the family business. 

Main Cast

Adrian Lee

Alice Valko

Amy Juergens

Anne Juergens

Ashley Juergens

Ben Boykewich



Cindy Lee


George Juergens

Grace Bowmen



Henry Miller

Jack Pappas

Jason Treacy

Jeff Zegay


Joe Hampton

John Juergens

Kathleen Bowman

Ken Fields

Lauren Treacy

Leo Boykewich

Madison Cooperstein

Marcelino Molina

Margaret Shakur

Marshall Bowman

Nora Underwood

Ricky Underwood

Robie Juergens

Ruben Enriquez


Tom Bowman