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Portrayed by Francia Raisa

Adrian Lee (Francia Raisa) is the daughter of Cindy Lee and Ruben Enriquez. She had a relationship with school bad boy Ricky Underwood and was married to Ben Boykewich. She currently seeing Omar whom she planned on moving with in New York to continue her college education.


Adrian Lee was born to single mother Cindy Lee, her father was absent for the first sixteen years of her life due to a deal he made with Cindy not to be in Adrian life until she turned eighteen. Cindy was also absent from Adrian life due to her flight attendant job which lead her to miss out on important moment of Adrian childhood.

Adrian was often looked after by her mother friends, neighbours and nanny. She had a close childhood friend and neighbor Antoine who she lost her virginity. She was heartbroken when Antoine was diagnosed with cancer and moved to another city to receive cancer treatment.

Season 1

Adrian began seeing Ricky Underwood during her sophomore year. She was jealous of his interest in others girls mainly Grace Bowman and Amy Jurgen. Adrian wasn't faithful to Ricky and continued seeing other guys including performing oral on Grace boyfriend Jack Pappas. Adrian wasn't happy to learn Amy was pregnant with Ricky baby and tried to encourage Amy to have an abortion.

Adrian began to develop a friendship with Grace as Ricky began to show an interest in being involved in his child life. She also became curious about her own father who she tracks down. Ruben wanted to be involved in his daughter life despite an agreement he made with Cindy not to see Adrian until she turned eighteen but became concerned about her promiscuous school reputation. Ruben threaten to send Adrian to an all girl school but after talking to Cindy he agrees to allow Adrian to stay at her current school as long as she keeps her grade high.

Adrian was annoyed when Ricky took Grace to a date at Amy wedding. She showed up in a sexy dress and had sex with Ricky after his date. Ricky continued to date Grace but return to Adrian for sex. Grace discovered they were sleeping together which lead to a fight in a school hallway but the girls ended up bonding over Ricky wanting to be involved in his baby life.

Adrian developed an interest in her step brother Max but when her father discovered them together he forbade them from seeing each other and threaten to send Max to a military school. Max and Adrian were caught again but Max was unremorseful and proclaimed his love for Adrian but she didn't return his feeling. She also revealed Ruben was cheating on his wife with her mother Cindy.

Season 2

Ruben move in with Cindy and Adrian. Adrian got back together with Ricky but became concerned when Ricky got his own apartment. Worried he would cheat on her she convinced her parents to move next door to Amy house so she could spy on Ricky.

Adrian cheated on Ricky with Mac and suspected Ricky was cheating on her. She wanted a more committed relationship but when Ricky admitted he couldn't imagine himself being married in the future she ended their relationship and refuse to get back with him until he agreed to take her to his therapy session with Dr Field.

Adrian tried to expand her relationship with Ricky with a no sex policy but he ended up cheating on her with Zoe the girlfriend of Mac who held a grudge against Adrian for sleeping with her boyfriend. She called Adrian letting her know she slept with Ricky.

Adrian forgave Ricky but became suspicious he was sleeping with Amy. She decides to get even by sleeping with Amy ex-boyfriend Ben Boykewich and was surprised to learn Amy and Ricky weren't sleeping together. Ricky ran away from home but when he returned he didn't want anything to do with Adrian and believe they weren't in love since they kept on cheating on each other. Adrian angry tried to help Amy get full custody of John but failed. She also discovered she was pregnant with Ben baby.

Season 3

Adrian told Ben and Grace about her pregnancy but wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret because she planned on having an abortion. Grace tried to talk her out of having an abortion but Adrian refused to listen. She told her mother about her pregnancy who was supportive of an abortion but Ruben didn't approve. He tried to convince Adrian not to go through with the abortion and claimed her abortion could lead to him divorcing her mother.

Adrian went to the abortion clinic but was unable to go through with the abortion. She told Ben who offered to help support their baby. Ruben tried to encourage Adrian to marry Ben but Adrian refused. She tried to use her relationship with Ben to make Ricky jealous but overtime began to develop feelings for Ben. They ended up sleeping together, getting married and moving in together. Adrian gave birth but her baby was stillborn.

Season 4

Adrian fell into depression for a few weeks and began overeating. She became more focused when Ben considered divorcing her. Adrian tried to save her marriage by trying to get pregnant again but changed her mind after talking to a doctor, Adrian concluded she was still in love with Ricky.

Adrian tried to make Ricky jealous by going out with other guys. One of the guy she went out with Dante left the country without telling her and she ended up dating his brother Omar. Adrian shared a passionate kiss with Omar which made her obsessed with kissing Ricky to learn if she still loved him. They shared a kiss at a party but Adrian doesn't feel any passion and decided to move on with her life. Omar unhappy with seeing Adrian kiss Ricky leaves the party and Adrian end up sleeping with Ben best friend Henry.

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