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Amy Juergens is a fifteen year old teenage girl finds herself pregnant after spending a night at band camp with the school bad boy Ricky Underwood. Her life is further complicated by Ben Boykewich a nice boy at her school who asks her out on a date.

Ricky not realizing he got a girl pregnant is dating the school bad girl Adrian Lee but also has his eyes set on the nice school Christian girl Grace Bowman who having problem with her boyfriend because she wants to wait until she married to have sex.

Alex Boling as Donovan

Allen Evangelista as Henry Miller

Amy Rider as Alice Valko

Andrew McFarlane (II) as Jason Treacy

Anne Ramsay as Nora Underwood

Austin Stowell as Jesse

Brando Eaton as Griffin

Brandon Katzke as Robie Juergens

Camille Winbush as Lauren Treacy

Chasen Joseph Schneider as Joe Hampton

Daren Kagasoff as Ricky Underwood

Ernie Hudson as Ken Fields

Francia Raisa as Adrian Lee

Grant Harvey (III) as Grant

Greg Finley (II) as Jack Pappas

India Eisley as Ashley Juergens

Jennifer Coolidge as Betty

John Schneider as Marshall Bowman

Jorge Luis Pallo as Marcelino Molina

Joseph Levinson (III) as John Juergens

Josie Bissett as Kathleen Bowman

Kathy Kinney as Bunny

Kenny Baumann as Ben Boykewich

L Scott Caldwell as Margaret Shakur

Luke Zimmerman as Tom Bowman

Mark Derwin as George Juergens

Megan Park as Grace Bowmen

Michelle Marks as Tammy

Molly Ringwald as Anne Juergens

Paola Turbay as Cindy Lee

Philip Anthony Rodriguez as Ruben Enriquez

Reid Scott as Jeff Zegay

Renee Olstead as Madison Cooperstein

Shailene Woodley as Amy Juergens

Steve Schirripa as Leo Boykewich